In-Person Learning


About St. Paul's

St. Paul's offers a Christ-centered learning environment that is grounded in biblical truths. Your student's faith in God and growth in the knowledge of this world, God's world, is our number one priority. St. Paul's School provides the framework to help children discover and understand the truth about the world around them, and then equips them to pursue knowledge and life from a Christian perspective. 


Students at St. Paul's are well prepared for high-school upon graduation. Our faculty strives to provide the appropriate educational settings and lessons to discover the strengths and needs of each student and work with your child as they develop academically. Our desire is that they succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Classical Lutheran Education

What is classical Lutheran Education? Classical Lutheran Education is a strong liberal art education with Lutheran Catechesis. In a continually growing learning environment, kids learn how to think critically, speak logically, and write professionally. Lutheran Catechesis then equips our students to sever and lead Christian lives.


Students at St. Paul's Lutheran perform well in the classroom in part because they have teachers who care deeply for them and pray for them daily. These teachers have given their lives to the service of God through teaching. They will pray for your child, listen to your child, and be there for you, too, as we partner together to prepare your child for the future. There is a 1 to 7 teacher to student ratio in the classroom to ensure each student is given the necessary attention to help them achieve success. 


St. Paul's has large classrooms with a science lab, a gymnasium, and a music room. After enrollment, each student is granted a Chromebook to help with their studies.